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Bear with a Black Rhino

Saskatchewan 2009

The former owner, Joe, and I hunted black bear in Saskatchewan on May 2009 with prototype Black Rhino takedown longbows. I used a 45 pound pull and Joe used a 50 pound pull. Joe took a nice black boar that will score well over the Pope and Young record book minimum. My bear was a beautiful cinnamon color phase boar.

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Joe's Bear

Taken on the last hour of the hunt.

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Deer Too!

Dear Mr Jones

My name is Justin. I'm Herb and Linda's grandson. I'd like to thank you for my wonderful bow.

On November 26, 2009, I shot my first deer! I thought it was a doe, but it turned out to be a button buck. I had a perfect lung shot at 5 yards on the ground. I'm sending you a picture. You make great bows.


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November 2013 Whitetail

I took a nice buck on Veterans day with my Black Rhino takedown bow.

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