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Note: The bow models for youth are not toys, but a lethal piece of archery equipment that will propel an arrow capable of doing potential damage and should be used only with adult supervision. For those that will be new to archery, the archery experience can turn into a lifetime of fun and recreation.

How to determine dominant eye
Which eye is dominant suggest whether you shoot right-handed or left-handed. Right-eye dominant archers draw the string with the right hand; left-eye dominant archers draw the string with the left hand. It would be preferable before learning or buying equipment to first determine which eye is dominant.

Picture "A"

Shooting equipment that is matched to your dominant eye is certainly the ideal situation but is not a hard fast rule. It is better to let the archer who resist change, to use equipment in a way that is natural to them, than not shoot at all! There are many well know adult archers that shoot opposite of their dominate eye.

We have found an easy method to determine the dominant eye that is accurate and does not require any interpretation or feed back by the archer as some methods do. This is particularly important when determining the dominant eye of a young child.

Picture "B"

1. Pick an object 8-10 feet away (a picture on the wall, door knob, light switch, etc.)

2. Cross the fingers and thumbs to create an opening about 1-2 inches in diameter.

3. With both eyes open, raise the hands extended at arm length as shown in picture "A" and look through the hole created by the fingers at the object.

4. Keeping the object in sight bring the hands to the face as shown in Picture "B". The hands will go to the dominant eye.

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