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Note: The bow models for youth are not toys, but a lethal piece of archery equipment that will propel an arrow capable of doing potential damage and should be used only with adult supervision. For those that will be new to archery, the archery experience can turn into a lifetime of fun and recreation.

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Since the 1970's, Chuck Jones of Okaw Valley Bows LLC has produced fine custom bows for traditional archers. Over the years, meeting families at trade shows and archery competitions, he saw there was a need for good quality traditional archery equipment for the beginning archer.

Their interest in traditional archery and the desire to introduce the younger generation (which included his grandchildren) to the sport influenced his interest in the Black Rhino longbow.  This line of bows was developed, tested and then marketed in the year 2000 by Joe and Janice Furlong with great success. Joe and Janice went on to other things including making the worlds best broadhead! In 2003, Chuck began helping to build these fine bows. Since the early beginnings Black Rhino archery equipment has found homes not only in the U.S.A, where it is manufactured, but also throughout the world.

Okaw Valley Bows LLC,  took over the operation of Black Rhino Bows in early 2005. We have added more bow models to our line to better serve the needs of archers. Improvement in the quality and performance of our products is a never ending goal.

Traditional archery is a great sport whether a person is interested in target shooting or is involved in traditional bow hunting and is a family sport that can be shared by all members. Through traditional archery, young archers learn disciplines that will continue through their adult life.

Longbow archery has a history that can be traced for hundreds of years. Over that time it has not changed significantly. The longbow simplicity may be part of its mystique and allure. While materials and construction methods continually change the longbow still remains just a stick and string!

Okaw Valley Bows LLC encourages all newcomers to the sport of traditional archery and hope that Black Rhino equipment will make their entry into the world of archery easy and enjoyable. back to top